Preparing for the DAC Meeting

A student’s first DAC meeting should take place roughly no more than one year past the completion of the qualifying exam, but it can certainly occur much earlier, if it is appropriate.  One week prior to the meeting a student must submit to their DAC a proposal (approximately 10 pages) describing his or her dissertation project for the committee to review in advance of the meeting.  The format for the proposal is similar to that of the qualifying examination, i.e. abstract, background and significance, hypothesis, rationale, specific aims, experimental design and interpretation, references, and figures, but far less formal in nature and containing real data from the work that has been done.

Students should also prepare an oral presentation (such as a slide/ powerpoint talk) to be given at the DAC meeting that will serve as a focal point for discussion among the committee members, the faculty advisor, and the student.

DAC meetings generally require a block of 2 hours to be set aside to allow for complete discussion. 

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