Publishing Your Research

The publishing of original scientific research work in peer-reviewed journals is an important aspect of a student's training.

Public Access Compliance for Publications

All manuscripts resulting from work being done as part of a student's graduate education and research training must be in compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy.  The NIH Public Access Policy is a legal requirement and a term of condition of all NIH awards, but should not be considered as limited to work resulting from NIH funded projects.  Final, peer-reviewed journal manuscripts should be submitted to PubMed Central upon acceptance for publication.

On submittal of a manuscript to PubMed Central, the paper will receive a PMCID# that should be included in reference citations.

Some journals will automatically submit manuscripts for public access to PubMed Central, but not all do, in which case the PI may need to make special arrangements with the journals and publishers to post the paper directly to PubMed Central.  It can take a few weeks from submittal to PubMed Central before the PMCID# is issued, in which case a status of “PMC Journal- In Process” will be indicated.

Please see for more information about acceptable compliance statuses for public access papers and the process to submit papers for a PMCID#.

Indicating Program Affiliation/ Support

As a student in the Graduate Program in Biophysics at Harvard University, research work that results in publication should contain the Program Affiliation for the student's contribution to the paper as follows:

*  Harvard Graduate Program in Biophysics, Harvard University

In addition, those students supported as trainees on the Moelcular Biophysics Training Grant during a time when actively working on aspects of a project that results in publication, should include the following as a source of support for that paper:

Molecular Biophysics Training Grant
PI: Venkatesh N. Murthy
NIH/ NIGMS T32 GM008313