Student Committees 2022-2023


Harvard Biophysics Student Body


Committee Goals and Objectives:

Recruitment and Admissions

Co-chairs: Natalie Ferris, Emma Sydir

Number of members/volunteers: 12


  • Participate in Biophysics Program admissions
  • Organize student participation in the accepted students visit
  • Host welcome events for incoming students (e.g. G1 Orientation)


Mentorship and Outreach

Co-chairs: Albert Chen, Indra Gonzalez

Number of members/volunteers: 15


  • Organize and run various mentorship and outreach initiatives on behalf of the Biophysics Student Body. These include, but are not limited to: URM mentorship and application assistance program; biophysics Peer Mentorship Program.
  • Improve and broaden recruitment efforts (e.g. participation in ABRCMS, SACNAS conferences)
  • Coordinate Diversity and Inclusion activities throughout the year.


Program Education and Wellness

Co-chairs: Dante Avalos, Irina Shlosman

Number of members/volunteers: 8


  • Create support programs to facilitate student education. These include, but are not limited to: PQE and DAC support groups, G1 panel discussions/workshops to help with coursework and rotation selections.
  • Organize and help coordinate program-wide educational and social events, e.g. the yearly Biophysics retreat, dinner seminar series, informal student outings.
  • Participate in the biophysics mental health work group that monitors the health and wellness of biophysics students through surveys and discusses any necessary changes with Biophysics leadership to help promote a welcoming and cohesive social environment within the program.


Elections and membership

Co-chairs: Candidates for co-chair positions are nominated by students and, in order to be considered, propose a short program for the committee that they would like to run. Co-chairs are then elected through an anonymous student vote to serve in that capacity for 1 year, when the new chairs are elected.

Members: Students are welcome to join any subcommittee(s) as members at any point and participate in any - and every - aspect of the committee’s activities. No formal nomination or election process is required to join a subcommittee as a member.