Caroline (Cara) Weisman

Caroline (Cara) Weisman

2021 PhD Graduate of Biophysics
Caroline (Cara) Weisman

My interests lie broadly in the molecular mechanisms of evolution. I work with Profs. Andrew Murray and Sean Eddy on a project aiming to use computational and experimental techniques to understand the emergence of new ("de novo") genes over evolutionary time. Questions that we're asking include: do new genes ever emerge? If so: how often? And what can we say about the functions of these genes?

Outside of biology, I'm a resident tutor in Harvard's Dunster House, play Pokemon, watch Netflix, read my favorite author Oscar Wilde, and habitually argue about controversial sci fi opinions with anyone who will listen (e.g., I think Episode III is the best Star Wars movie).

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Murray and Eddy labs:
Murray lab: 458 Northwest Labs; Eddy Lab: 1008 Biolabs