Graduates 2004/2005

Dr. Siraj Ali
Graduate Advisor: Dr. David Sabatini
Current: Director, Clinical Development and Medical Affairs, Foundation Medicine
Dr. Doryen Bubeck
Graduate Advisor: Dr. James M. Hogle
Current: Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Life Sciences, Imperial College London
Dr. Nathan Hillson
Graduate Advisor: Dr. Christopher T. Walsh
Current: Director of Synthetic Biology Informatics at Joint BioEnergy Institute, US Department of Energy Bioenergy Research Center, San Francisco, CA
Dr. Peter Kharchenko
Graduate Advisor: Dr. George Church
Current: Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics, Harvard Medical School
Dr. Thomas Pologruto
Graduate Advisor: Dr. Bernardo Sabatini/ Dr. Karel Svoboda
Current: Chief Research and Technology Officer, Capstone Investment Advisors
Dr. Ryan Bitetti Putzer
Graduate Advisor: Dr. James M. Hogle/ Dr. Martin Karplus
Most Recent: Graduate Student in Philosophy, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Stanford University
Dr. Michael Robinson
Graduate Advisor: Dr. James M. Hogle
Current: Senior Patent Counsel, Agenus Inc.
Dr. Alykhan Shamji
Graduate Advisor: Dr. Stuart Schreiber
Current: Medical Student, Harvard Medical School