Graduates 2001/2002

Dr. Lawrence P. Cogswell III
Graduate Advisor: Dr. Gary Strichartz
Current: Principal, Hamilton, Brook, Smith and Reynolds, Intellectual Property Law
Dr. Marc Damelin
Graduate Advisor: Dr. Pamela Silver
Current: Senior Director, Oncology Biotherapeutics, Antibody-Drug Conjugates, Mersana Therapeutics, Cambridge, MA
Dr. Edo Kussell
Graduate Advisor: Dr. Eugene Shakhnovich
Current: Associate Professor of Biology and Physics, New York University
Dr. Irwin Lee
Graduate Advisor: Dr. John Assad
Current: Radiation Oncology, Kaiser and Rohnert Park Cancer Center, US Cancer Management Corporation
Dr. Alexey Lugovskoy
Graduate Advisor: Dr. Gerhard Wagner
Current: Chief Development Officer, Morphic Therapeutic, Inc. Waltham, MA
Dr. Jason K. Sello
Graduate Advisor: Dr. Stuart Schreiber
Current: Associate Professor of Chemistry, Brown University
Dr. Samuel K. Sia
Graduate Advisor: Dr. Peter Kim
Current: Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty Co-Director, SEAS Entrepreneurship, Columbia University
Dr. Jon F. Wilkins
Graduate Advisor: Dr. John Wakeley
Current: External Professor, Santa Fe Institute; Founder, Ronin Institute for Independent Scholarship