Travel Allowance

Presentation of one's research work at scientific conferences, either through giving talks or during scientific poster sessions, is an important part of the training and development for trainees in the Biophysics Program.

Students in the Biophysics Program are eligible for $600 toward travel to a relevant scientific conference in each of their 1st and 2nd years of the program. 

Reimbursements for travel expenses are processed through the Biophysics Program Office in the Buy2Pay system, and students are required to complete and sign the required reimbursement paperwork and submit the original receipts (such as a complete, itemized hotel folio, meal receipts with itemized purchases indicated) after the travel is completed, but within 45 days of the end of the travel dates.  Airline flights can be processed directly in advance through the Harvard Travel Office in coordination with the Biophysics Program administrative office. 

Airline travel is required to conform to the Harvard Sponsored Travel Policy, which includes but is not limited to, the following:

US Flag Carriers must be used for travel within the US and when departing from the US and where available while abroad.

The lowest Coach or Economy Class ticket for a reasonable itinerary is required.

All requests for travel reimbursement must be made before June 15th of the year for which the allowance is in effect.  After this point, any remaining allowance for the year is forfeited.

Travel to conferences and scientific meetings in a student's 3rd year and beyond are generally supported through their dissertation advisor's research funds.