Professional Development Fund

Beginning with the entering class of 2015 through the entering class of 2019, Biophysics PhD students in their third year of study or beyond, who have been deemed eligible based on the completion of their Preliminary Qualifying Examinations and their being in Good Student Standing, are eligible from September 1st of their third year onward to apply for the GSAS Professional Development Fund for up to $2,500 to support professional development activities.

Requested expenses must be on the approved list of expenses as set forth by the Biophysics Program (which currently includes such things as travel to professional meetings, workshops, etc), although this approved list of expenses will be adjusted periodically, within acceptable guideline parameters of the GSAS, to meet any shifting needs of those students in the Program eligible to receive Professional Development Funds.

First: Students will discuss their professional development plans with their faculty research advisors, then validate their advisor approval through the completion of a Faculty Endorsement Form.

Second: Students will then use the FAS Centralized Application for Research and Travel (CARAT) system to complete the GSAS Professional Development Fund application and upload the completed and signed Faculty Endorsement Fund as an attachment.

The Biophysics Program then reviews the submitted applications for the use of Professional Development Funds and approves them accordingly.

Students who have received the award and completed the professional development activity are required to complete an online progress report form within 60 days.  Reports are collected and tracked by GSAS.

There are three opportunities for students to apply for funding during each academic year, and funds are disbursed in the form of a single stipend payment.  Students also receive an award notification from the GSAS Financial Aid Office prior to disbursement.