Cengiz Pehlevan

Cengiz Pehlevan

Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics
School of Engineering and Applied Science

My research is in theoretical neuroscience and theory of neural computation. We pursue various research directions including theories of population coding in the brain, theory of deep learning, biologically plausible learning algorithms, representation learning in the brain, theory of olfactory processing, and computation in spiking neural networks. My group is also involved in various collaborations with experimentalists who are all affiliates of the biophysics program. 1) With Venki Murthy, we examine how the olfactory cortex combines and coordinates information from both sides of the brain and how it represents olfactory objects . 2) With Bence Olveczky, we are studying the hierarchical structure of behavior using videos of freely moving rats and deep unsupervised learning. 3) With Aravi Samuel, Paul Sternberg (Caltech) and Mei Zhen (Toronto), we use a multitude of modeling methods to uncover the mechanisms behind Dauer decision making in C. elegans. 4) With Aravi Samuel, we investigate how serotonin changes the internal state of olfactory circuits and behavior in Drosophila larvae.

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29 Oxford Street, Pierce Hall, Room 315
Cambridge, MA 02138

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