What If I Don't Hear Anything?

The GSAS Admissions Office attempts to notify students as quickly as possible regarding the outcome of the application process. Those students who are being invited to the annual Recruitment Visit/ Interview Weekend will receive notification from the Biophysics Program Chair(s), plus the Program Administrator, as soon as possible after the meeting of the Faculty Review Committee. Once final admissions decisions are made, and the Biophysics Program receives approval of our proposed admitted students from the Dean of GSAS, those students will be notified by the Biophysics Program Chairs and through the GSAS Dean and Office of Admissions. Students who are not being extended an offer of admission, may see notification of the decision status posted in their GSAS Application Portal. There are some instances where a decision to admit or to deny admission to an applicant is contingent on additional factors and the receipt of additional information before a final admissions decision can be made, in which case the notification of the applicant may be delayed.