I am a Harvard Medical School MD-PhD Student. Is there a different deadline or application process I need to follow?

Applicants from the Harvard Medical School MD-PhD Program should submit a "pre-application" by October 15th, 2022, to be considered for entry in the Fall of 2023.  The application should be completed in the GSAS Application Portal and downloaded (or screenshots saved) without completing the submittal of the application to GSAS.  On receiving the "pre-application" (to be sent to the Program Administrator), the Biophysics Faculty Admissions Review Committee will read the application, and we will set up times for interviews for the applicant with members of the Admissions Committee.  Student applicants who are considered appropriate for the Biophysics Program will then be invited to submit their finalized application to the program through the GSAS Application Portal.  Decisions on whether or not an MD-PhD student applicant will be invited to submit a finalized, official application, with the understanding that they will be accepted into the program for Fall 2023, will be communicated to the student by November 15th, 2022.