Ronald L. Walsworth

Ronald L. Walsworth

Senior Lecturer on Physics, Harvard University
Senior Physicist, Smithsonian Institution
Affiliated Faculty, Center for Brain Science
Ron Walsworth
We are an interdisciplinary research group with a focus on developing new tools and applying them to important problems in both the physical and life sciences- from fundamental physics, astrophysics and nanoscience to bioimaging, brain science and medical diagnostics. 


Current areas of research include:

*  Super-resolution optical imaging and functionalized electron microscopy for brain science and other bioimaging applications.

* Development of novel NMR and MRI tools, with applications to basic spin physics and medical imaging.

* High-resolution magnetometry with NV-diamond, with applications in both the physical and life sciences.

*  Precision tests of fundamental physical laws and symmetries.

*  Development of improved optical wavelength calibrators for astrophysics, with applications to exoplanet searches and observational cosmology.


Selected Publications:

D.R. Glenn, H. Zhang, N. Kasthuri, R. Schalek, P.K. Lo, A. Trifonov, H. Park, J.W. Lichtman and R.L. Walsworth (2012). Multi-color correlative light and electron microscopy using nanoparticle cathodoluminescence. arXiv:1208.1249v1.

S.J. DeVience, R.L. Walsworth and M.S. Rosen (2012).  Dependence of nuclear spin singlet lifetimes on RF spin-locking power.  Journal of Magnetic Resonance 218: 5.

L.M. Pham, D. Le Sage, P.L. Stanwix, T.K. Yeung, D. Glenn, A. Trifonov, P. Cappellaro, P.R. Hemmer, M.D. Lukin, H. Park, A. Yacoby and R.L. Walsworth (2011).  Magnetic field imaging with nitrogen-vacancy ensembles.  New Journal of Physics 13: 045021.

P.C. Maurer, J.R. Maze, P.L. Stanwix, L. Jiang, A.V. Gorshkov, A.A. Zibrov, B. Harke, J.S. Hodges, A.S. Zibrov, D. Twitchen, S.W. Hell, R.L. Walsworth and M.D. Lukin (2010).  Far-field optical imaging and manipulation of individual spins with nanoscale resolution. Nature Physics 6:912.

J.W. Aptekar, M.C. Cassidy, A.C. Johnson, R.A. Barton, M.Y. Lee, A.C. Ogier, C. Vo, M.N. Anahtar, Y. Ren, S.N. Bhatia, C. Ramanathan, D.G. Cory, A.L. Hill, R.W. Mair, M.S. Rosen, R.L. Walsworth and C.M. Marcus (2009). Silicon Nanoparticles as Hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance Imaging Agents. ACS Nano. 3 12, 4003-4008.

P.K. Jain, Y. Xiao, R.L. Walsworth and A.E. Cohen (2009). Surface Plasmon Resonance Enhanced Magneto-Optics (SuPREMO): Faraday Rotation Enhancement in Gold-Coated Iron Oxide Nanocrystals.  Nano Letters, 9, 1644-1650.


Contact Information

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
60 Garden Street, P156, Cambridge, MA 02138
Harvard University Department of Physics
Northwest Laboratory Building, Room 335.40
52 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
p: 617 495-7274 or 617 496-3589